Selling Tips

10 Tips to prepare your home for a spring sale

  1. Clean and declutter 

    Make your move easier by beginning the packing process now.

    • Clear out all clutter and remove items you don’t regularly use.
    • Donate items that haven’t been used in the past 12 months.
    • Throw away items that are broken or damaged.
    • Shred and dispose of paperwork that is no longer needed. 
    • Consider a temporary storage facility for bulky pieces of furniture, holiday decor, out of season clothing and any other items you don’t need. 
    • Wash windows
    • Dust blinds
    • Launder curtains
    • Dust baseboards
    • Clean appliances
    • Straighten contents of your closets 
  2. When you clean, pay attention to the small details.


  3. Do a thorough inspection 
    • Inspect your walls and floors for water damage
    • Check for plumbing leaks
    • Make sure your windows don’t have broken seals
    • Check for any signs of insects or rodents ......and fix any problems that you find
  4. This step will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the sale process  

  5. Eliminate odours 
  6. Dont mask household odours with air fresheners, which can be overwhelming and cause allergies in many people. Rather, include freshly cut flowers, the scent of fresh cookies baking in the oven (turn off oven before the showing) or fresh apples and cookies placed in plain sight in the kitchen.


  7. Paint 
  8. While you might love your aubergene walls, there’s a good chance that most buyers wont. Many buyers want to see a blank canvas where they can inject their own personality. In order to make your home appeal to the larges possible audience, paint your wall in neutral colours in a matt finish.

    Don’t forget to repair any nail holes or other damage before painting, and be sure to touch up ceilings and trim as needed.

  9. Finish projects and repairs 
  10. Now is the time to complete any home improvement projects you have underway and make any and all necessary repairs to your home.

    You’ll most likely find a buyer more quickly and the sale process will be much smoother if everything that needs to be done is taken care of before you lost your property.

    If you have some additional home improvement projects planned, make sure they can be finished in a short amount of time.

  11. Clean or replace flooring 
  12. Carpets should be shampooed and treated for stains, Tile and hardwoods should be thoroughly swept and mopped to a shine. Any flooring that is stained, damaged or work beyond repair should be removed and replaced. Hardwood floors that are scratched or have lost their sheen should be refinished.

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  13. Freshen up fixtures and hardware
  14. Light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps, shower heads and cabinet hardware can all be replaced for very little money and make a huge difference in terms of visual appeal.

  15. Create a welcoming entrance 
  16. Your front door is the first thing potential buyers will see when they visit your home, so remember to make it inviting. Pain the door if needed, replace any damaged hardware, keep decorations minimal and declutter the entrance area


  17. Stage 
    • Strategically place furniture to maximize the feelings of space and light in your home
    • Be mindful of how rooms flow into each other.
    • If your decor isn’t cutting it, you can move your belongings into storage, rent furniture and artwork from a home staging service on a monthly basis. 
  18. An important part of showing your home, staging can be done yourself or by professionals.

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  19. Agree on a price-in-hand today
    • Our highly trained brokers are able to provide you with a comparable market analysis (CMA) and property appraisal; so you can
    • 100% agreed price-in-hand, set from the start
    • Certainty of knowing the agreed price IS the price you receive in hand at settlement
    • No conditioning – We don’t buy listings or condition you to lower the price
    • We have in-house deposit assistance, meaning your property is exposed to a larger pool of buyers and faster sales.
    • We DON’T deduct commission. Our broker’s commission is anything above and beyond the agreed price. Meaning, our brokers work harder to produce results 
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