Agreed Price Today

100% set price in hand v’s commission based pricing

Out of the Square Listing Method 

  • 100% agreed price in your hand, set from the start 
  • Certainty of knowing the agreed price IS the price you get in hand 
  • No conditioning. We don’t buy listings or condition you to lower the price. 
  • We have in-house deposit assistance, meaning your property exposed to a larger pool of buyers and faster sales. 
  • We DON’T deduct commission. Our broker’s commission is anything above and beyond the agreed price. Meaning, our brokers work harder to produce results. 

NOTE: The agreed value does not include rates, water or legal adjustments

The Traditional listing method

  • Agent commission is based on a percentage of final sales price.
  • Commission is deducted. 
  • The price in hand is unknown until settlement 
  • Your listing is bought by the promise of a higher sales price. 
  • Conditioning is all too common 
  • High or Low sales price, the agent gets paid regardless , lowering your price in hand

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