How to attract more buyers and have your property in the lead

How to attract more buyers and have your property in the lead

The more appealing your property is, the more buyers will find it appealing and are more likely to buy it. Buyers have already calculated their home repayments and usually don’t have spare money for improvements. Soooo… it has to be ‘buyer-ready’.  You may love the toilet cisterns in your front yard that are converted to plant holders, but does it have mass appeal to the majority of buyers?

To increase the chances of your house selling, there are key parts of your home that need to be appealing. A buyer wants to know: “does it function well, and do I find it attractive enough to buy and live here?”  As we could be a buyers’ market, the significant areas worth looking at are the frontage and kitchen, bathroom and laundry (wet areas).

Street Appeal – does your home have street appeal? Is the lawn mowed, garden mulched, weeded and trimmed? Any old/broken stuff that needs to be gone, ensure that it’s gone. Fix any uneven/loose pavers and bricks. Revamp the fence, path, drive way with new paint that is right for the job. Realistically, if the front doesn’t appeal to the buyer, perhaps they might not get out of the car, then don’t make it to the front door and then they don’t get to fully appreciate your property treasure trove.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry. The appearance and function of these areas are usually the ‘make or break’ factor for buyers.  These areas need to function well as much time life energy is spent here. The cost of renovating a wet area can be cost and labour intensive, therefore can be a main deterrent to buyers. Are the tiles and cabinetry dated but in good condition? No need to replace, there are a fantastic tile, cabinet, wet floor area paint brands available at hardware stores. 

For smaller kitchens, maybe you could maximise cupboard space. Perhaps replace a ceiling exhaust fan over the cooking area in a small kitchen with cabinetry and hidden slide out range hood. It adds light to the subject, minimises high wall cleaning, whilst usually costing less than an ornamental range hood that contains no storage and is likely to ‘date’.

Can you guess why this house took over 6 years to sell, with a price reduction of $140 000?

Written by: April Herbert

by April Herbert

Tuesday 15 Aug 2017

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