Deposit Assistance

We are deposit assistance specialists and can help you own your dream home in a number of ways through our Finance affiliates allows us to provide deposit assistance* and through our own Australian Credit License (ACL 478029) were able to facilitate home ownership bridging tools** such as: rent to buy & deposit builder and Bank of Mum & Dad loans.

Deposit (Agency) Finance*

  • Have you got pre-approval for a home /commercial/industrial loan? 
  • Can afford stamps & conveyancing ? BUT 
  • Don’t have enough deposit? and/or 
  • Valuation comes in short? 

Bridging Tools - Rent to Buy / Deposit Builder*/**

  • Can you afford a home loan but cant get one for whatever reason? 
  • Are you credit impaired? 
  • Do you need someone to help fix up your credit record? 
  • Does the bank need you to prove a track record of saving? 
  • Build your deposit whilst living in the property** 

Bank of Mum & Dad

  • Are your parents, relatives or friends lending you money for a deposit? 
  • Formalise your loan agreement through a broker who can put it together. 
  • Separate family and business affair’s, reduce the risk of arguments and disputes by having a 3rd party manage the whole process. 

*Terms and conditions apply to qualified and approved buyers.

** On selected property listings Contact us to find out how

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