Mission Statement / The Directors


Mission Statement

Out of the Square Real Estate breaks the mould and sets the gold standard for our brokers in the Australian Real Estate Industry.

Integral to our culture and part of our founding DNA is Initiative, transparency and accountability.
These are terms, which form part of our core values and are key attributes, which have required improvement in the real estate industry for many years.

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The Directors

Warwick Bergen and Andy Fermo, come from different backgrounds: worlds apart.

Warwick’s varied experience from civil construction, winemaking and crocodile hunting. Andy, an Australian elite special forces commando.

In 2011, our worlds collided, brought together from a mutual interest in building wealth through real estate investment, specialising in Seller (Vendor/Creative) Finance.

During our training we immediately “clicked”, having common goals and similar interests. Following this, we did several joint venture deals together as separate businesses and found that we had well-honed overall-skills, however, excelled and preferred working with different skillsets.

Warwick - sales and negotiations. Andy – facilitator, training and mindset

With this in mind, our focus shifted from property investing to the traditional real estate agency and finance models. We identified that there was a need to address several key areas needing improvement in these industries.

We've integrated the best parts of these industries, the OOTS listing niche and our in-house deposit assistance services into what has become Australia's first "Real Estate Brokerage" and franchise network.